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Want to Ask something in React

Newbiew developer
・1 min read

Hello everyone
I am making a new project and I am stuck at one point

The question is
I have a list in my 'Home Page' and there is another 'Add User' page
So when I add a user on my 'Add User' page using a button, Then how can I show the list of users on my 'Home Page' using map function.

It's like using a button a add something on one page and then show that thing on another page.

I want the logic and some help
Thank you

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Furkan KAYA • Edited

The best way to do that is using redux or context API. Redux is more common but context API is easier. So I suggest you to use context API. You can learn it on YouTube. Try Dev Ed channel. 👌

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ShubhamTiwari909 Author

Thank you I will surely try it