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Basic JavaScript : Intro

shubhamverma18 profile image Shubham Verma Originally published at ・1 min read

What is JavaScript?

  • JavaScript is a programming language designed for the web.

How is JavaScript used?

  • JavaScript is used to manipulate HTML and CSS.
  • It can also calculate, manipulate and validate data.

What is the difference between JavaScript and NodeJS?

  • JavaScript also called Vanilla JavaScript is a programming language for the web.
  • NodeJS is an environment to run javascript apart from running on the web.

Which one are we going to learn?

  • Since this is the basics of JavaScript, it wouldn't matter if it's Vanilla JS or NodeJS.

Environment Setup for learning?

  • The easy way of executing JS can be done right into your browser's console tab.
  • The second way, which is to go to NodeJS Website and download the "LTS" version of it.

Next, we will get started with JavaScript Variables.

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