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SiaSearch partners with Virtual Mechanics Corporation (VMC) to accelerate ADAS development in Japan

SiaSearch, a Berlin-based AI startup, has announced their partnership with Virtual Mechanics Corporation (VMC) to accelerate ADAS development in Japan. Virtual Mechanics Corporation has over 20 years of experience and established relationships within the Japanese automotive industry. As the sole distributor of the SiaSearch product in Japan, Virtual Mechanics Corporation will promote the adoption of SiaSearch in the Japanese market.

Via web-based GUI or programmatic API, SiaSearch makes it 10x easier and faster for developers to explore, understand, and share large amounts of visual data.

  • Structure - Automatically index, structure, and evaluate raw sensor data on a petabyte-scale, based on semantic attributes and keywords from a catalog of over 50 events and attributes
  • Analyze - Quickly visualize your data, making full use of the extracted attributes and run more targeted analyses to improve your models.
  • Search - Use custom attributes to efficiently find and select the data from your entire data lake.
  • Collaborate - Save, edit, version, comment and share frames, sequences or objects with colleagues or 3rd parties.

“At Virtual Mechanics Corporation, we are laser focused on driving innovation within the mobility industry,” said Eiji Takita, CEO of Virtual Mechanics Corporation. “In working with SiaSearch, we have secured a partner with deep technical capabilities to help accelerate autonomous driving innovation in Japan.”

“Our distribution partnership with Virtual Mechanics Corporation opens up new and exciting opportunities to accelerate autonomous driving innovation in the Japanese market,” said Clemens Viernickel, CEO of SiaSearch. “We are beyond excited to be working with some of the globally leading automotive companies in Japan through this arrangement. The partnership represents an important milestone for us, and we will continue to pave the path of adoption of SiaSearch abroad.”

About SiaSearch
SiaSearch is a Berlin-based AI company on a mission to power automated mobility solutions of tomorrow with a truly scalable data infrastructure. The category-leading sensor management platform for automated driving, SiaSearch is currently in use by leading automotive OEMs, Tier 1 suppliers, and global technology companies.
For more information, visit

About Virtual Mechanics Corporation (VMC)
Virtual Mechanics Corporation is working on vehicle dynamics simulation software to simulate driving in a virtual environment and its application technology. Leading customers, the developer and partner companies, Virtual Mechanics Corporation plays a pivotal role in innovation, allowing customers to expedite their research and development.
For more details, please visit (information in Japanese)

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