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Siddhant Bhatia
Siddhant Bhatia

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My Personal Website

Inspired by business cards and other developer websites, I decided to build my own website and host it on GitHub pages to serve as one-off access to my complete portfolio.

I wanted to keep the user interface simple and portray my persona as a developer. I thought of creating an emoji representation of myself on a laptop, something that Youtuber Marques Brownlee did for his website. Another idea was to have an animated background with floating binary digits. I tried to design a few but did not hit that eureka moment.

Finally, I thought, what better way to portray a coder than a piece of code on a dark background!

I found the typed.js library by Matt Boldt and tweaked it to my design. After a day of troubleshooting, et voila.

When I viewed the prototype on my mobile device browser, it didn't really provide a good impression as the code block became messy due to the limited display area. This is when I decided to have two views: A coding view for desktop and a simple business view for mobile devices.

The mobile view is intended to provide quick information without clutter while the desktop view would highlight the </dev> me.

Have a look at the views for different devices and let me know your thoughts. If you have time, please visit my website - to get the interactive experience.


Also, I will soon be graduating with a Software Engineering (Hons) degree from Monash University with an anticipated first-class honour. I have previously completed 3 internships to strengthen my development and interpersonal skills. I am also an ISTQB Certified Foundation Level tester and I incorporate the knowledge to write effective code.

If you are looking to fill a junior/entry-level Software Engineering role, please review my profile and give me a chance to present myself. Links to my Resume and LinkedIn profile can also be found on my website.

P.s this is my first article and I am open to feedback. Please highlight if I made any mistake in my language or expression of thoughts.

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