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All About GitHub1s

What is GitHub1s

It is an Open Source Software(OSS), to read GitHub code with VS Code in One second.


  • View code
  • Explore and switch branch/tag/commit
  • View single-file history
  • VS Code extension support, i.e. install Vim extension online and it will persist even restart the browser/device
  • Extension on top of VS Code builtin supports:
    • Dart
    • Julia
    • Nim
    • Jupyter
    • Scala
    • Kotlin

How Does it All Started

Netcon Started with His Idea with a simple tool to Read Code in VSCode + Its Extensions with a simple click, then Yihong and Me Joined with his Amazing Idea and start collaborating on it.

What’s the roadmap?

  • Supporting GitHub Gists
  • Other platforms like GitLab, Bitbucket, Gogs, etc.
  • Modify code and create a PR/commit online
  • Local VS Code extension
  • Jump to definition of symbols
  • More on: Roadmap

How is it helping the community?

We can read the code of any GitHub repo. Who has a habit of reading code in their IDE ( with customized themes, fonts )

How is it different from GitHub CodeSpaces?

Since GitHub Codespases provides a powerful Web IDE with the complete ability of VSCode and it runs in a docker, it may need nontrivial times to boot the environment. GitHub1s is focused on providing a workspace with the lightweight and work as soon as possible, so it's inevitable to give up some abilities of VS Code. But it may be useful for someone who finds a great project on GitHub and learns its source code.

In addition, GitHub1s is designed to be expandable to other services like GitLab, Bitbucket, gogs.

How do we ensure the User & Contributor is happy?

Fast and convenient, we want to make sure not only the users can view the code fast but the development experience must be fast as well.

We have published a prebuilt version @github1s/vscode-web which is inspired by the vscode-web, author:

It reduces the full build time from more than 10 minutes to less than 20 seconds. And the full CI build & test time drops from more than 16 minutes to around 4 minutes.


  • Gitpod
  • Vercel
  • Sourcegraph
  • Browser extensions
  • Active contributors

Major Contributors




More to Come...

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