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Tips for Resume

Which is the better format for a resume .doc or .pdf and why?

I suggest why not both?

PDF: if you are sending your resume directly to a Hiring Manager or Recruiter or for Referral it is suggested that you send it as a PDF document. This ensures that the document format stays an equivalent across all word versions and computers.

Word Document: once you are applying to employment indirectly i.e. company website, Indeed, LinkedIn etc. you can submit your resume via a Word document. The main reason for this is that when an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is being used your document has the highest readability with a Word Document. A pdf is actually an image of the document and thus sometimes the content and keywords could also be skipped when being scanned. Thus, it is imperative to submit a Word Document to ensure all of your information is accounted for.

What's up with these horrible resume templates?

1) Please use overleaf (previously known as ShareLatex) and use those templates.
2) Make sure that your resume is ATS compliant.
3) What are you even writing in 4 pages resume. Restrict to 1 page
4) Nobody cares if you won some random competition in class 1
5) Windows 7 is NOT a skill worthy to be written.
6) Always rename files to your name.
7) No need for a declaration (True to my knowledge blah blah...). You are not transferring your property to me.
8) I DON'T need your family details or DOB.
9) Blank pages? Seriously?

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