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Week of April 02 - Top 3 React articles from around the web

1. How to Avoid the Boolean Trap When Designing React Components by Filip Danić

Using CSS conventions from Bootstrap for the API design of your React components can lead to bad decisions. Here's what you can learn from "The Clean Code" by Robert C. Martin in the context of React.

2. Building a Componentized and Reusable Scroll to Top Feature in React by Sarah Sweat

One of the main considerations in creating this component was that I needed it to be reusable on multiple pages of the site, so my goal was to create something that could be imported and utilized in other react components in order to add to a div which had content that would need to be scrolled through.

3. react-frontload (library) by Dave Williams

Load data asynchronously into your React components. Works on both client and server render.

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