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A new way to build CSS frameworks with... TailwindCSS?

13. Coding for a hobby
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TailwindCSS has a great color scheme, good default styles, a way to remove unused classes, a way to make custom classes, and lots more. It would be the greatest thing if we could use its styles to make our own CSS frameworks. Guess what, we can!

I haven't done it yet, but the main steps look like so:

  • Use tailwind's @apply to create your classes
  • Create an HTML file (which will be used for purging unused classes)
  • Run Tailwind (using PostCSS or whatever)

That's it! You will get a new CSS file with your framework ready to use.

There are a few more things you could try:

  • Wanna use any of tailwind's built-in classes? Just add the classes to any elements in the HTML file I mentioned before, and they won't be removed from the CSS!
  • Dig into the tailwind config files to get more stuff like dark mode, custom color schemes, plugins, and more!
  • You got more ideas? Comment them down below!

I think this is the same approach that tailwindui is using.

Discussion (4)

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Siddharth Chaudhary (he/him)

I tried it too, it gets very hard to maintain

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Siddharth Chaudhary (he/him)

Lots of people have tried this already
for example

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Siddharth Author

I didn't know that. Thanks for showing!

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I use TailwindCSS. It's great! I totally recommend it!