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Nevertheless, Silwing Coded

I began/continue to code because...

...solving problems and finding efficient ways of doing things is incredibly satisfying.
My first "code" was a Harry Potter fan website created in FrontPage. I was, if I recall correctly, around 11 years old. I quickly grew tired of the limitations and inefficiency of WYSIWYG editors like FrontPage and turned to the source code. And so HTML and CSS became my first real coding experience.

While writing my master's thesis I started looking a bit around for job possibilities. I got to an interview for my current job. One question I remember the interviewer asking me was "Where do you see yourself in 5 years?".
My answer then was that I was imagining going the architect way. Getting a few years of coding experience and then becoming an architect. Fast forward a year and I told my manager, that I had to turn back on that statement. Architects do far too little code.

The satisfaction of solving problems never grows old and is what makes me continue coding and probably always will.

I recently overcame...

...changing my default interactive shell. Inspired by the article "Can I see your terminal?" I took the jump from bash to zsh and so far I love it. Change can be daunting, but the opportunities we don't take are usually the ones we regret.

I look up to... incredibly skilled and intelligent coworkers. I have learned so much and also taught them a new thing or two. Sharing is caring and sharing knowledge is one of the greatest strengths of any developer community.

I also look up to Dinnerbone whom I have been following on Twitter since he joined the Minecraft team. His way of handling being a developer on such a large and popular project while still keeping a very personal feel is amazing.

I am currently hacking on... scripts for easing the daily life of developers on the project I am working on. Making our processes more smooth and efficient is wonderful.

My advice for other women and non-binary folks who (wants to) code is....

...never give up.

I have been lucky in the sense that I have never experienced, what I read other women or non-binary folks have experienced. But that also means I have no first-hand experience to share with others
What I can say is that you have the right to pursue coding if that is what you want. It should be obvious, but we all feel the imposter syndrome weighing on our shoulders every now and then and even more so if others tell us we are not fit for doing it. So it is worth repeating. If you love coding, then code.

You can do it!

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