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Structurizr quick tip: hiding descriptions

By default, Structurizr will include an element's descriptive text inside of that element when rendering a diagram:

Diagram with element descriptions

While that level of information definitely enriches the diagram, there are situations where you might not want to show the descriptive text, for example if you're doing a presentation. For this reason, Structurizr allows you to hide the descriptive text in a couple of ways.

When you're viewing a diagram, pressing the d key will toggle the descriptions on and off:

Diagram without element descriptions

If you'd like to hide the descriptions a little more permanently, you can use a style for the Element tag, setting the description property to false. For example, with the Structurizr DSL:

styles {
  element "Element" {
    description false
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As a bonus tip, you can also increase the font size in a similar way, to enlarge the text for presentation purposes:

Diagram without element descriptions, with a larger font size


The descriptive text can be useful, but sometimes you don't need to see it. Structurizr makes it easy to show/hide element descriptions, without needing to modify your diagram.

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