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Leave work at work

This can be super hard and I don't have a good answer for this to deal with it. All I know it's that when I start having dreams/nightmares about work it's time to take a break even if it's just a staycation.

When you've had the dream equivalent of "I've never taken this class and now I have the exam" for "I think my commit broke prod" it is time to take a break...


That was the tipping point, dreaming about everything breaking and not being able to get back to sleep!


My joke to people is that I probably break more stuff than I fix but that everything is broken all of the time. :)

Because all systems are fundamentally broken and imperfect, just like us, but that is what life is about. Acceptance of what is, but to know that it is ok to improve but to be ok with who we are and where we are at. It makes it easier to perform and to improve.

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