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Discussion on: The ultimate (free) CI/CD for your open-source projects

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Yohan Lasorsa Author

IIRC when we put up our CircleCI setup it took us almost 2 whole days to have it working completely (including the setup of the custom docker image to build for Android though). I only helped with few parts, but compared to Travis/AppVeyor/Azure Pipelines the syntax feels weird in some points, like the alias stuff (looks like C++ 😄). I also remember we had some difficulties when trying to get the cache and workflow working properly.
But to be honest, one excellent thing though is that we never had to update the config once it was working (only the Docker image) which is a very good point!
As for OSS projects, unless I'm wrong only Linux workers are provided by default. You have to ask for a limited access to MacOS workers and I could not find anything about Windows, which is not the best if you quickly want to spin up some tests to see if it fit your needs IMHO.