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Shivani Singh
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hopOn - Car Sharing and Rental App

A car sharing & rental app using Flutter, Firebase & Google Maps APIs πŸ”₯

About the App 🚘

  • hopOn is flutter based application for car sharing and rental services.
  • The two main functions that app includes are -
    1. Rent a nearby car
    2. Give your car on rent
  • The app uses 3 Google Maps API
    1. Geocoding API (provides geocoding and reverse geocoding of addresses)
    2. Places API (returns information about places using HTTP requests)
    3. Directions API (returns JSON or XML-formatted directions between locations)
    4. This app has been completed with the detail study which includes Wireframe, methods, API study etc. All the information has been provided in the Github repository.


Thank you!

  • Feel free to ask your doubts and contribute to this project.
  • Find the app video with the detail explaination about methods and resources(Firebase, GCP etc.) on Github -
  • Do ⭐ the repo.
  • Keep hustling & Stay safe❀️

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ijoeroot10 profile image

Impressive work on hopOn! Your detailed study, comprehensive wireframe, and integration of Flutter, Firebase, and Google Maps APIs showcase a well-executed car sharing and rental app. Your dedication is evident, and I'll be sure to check out the detailed video on GitHub. Keep up the great work! πŸ‘πŸš—

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Erik Huges • Edited

It is best to rent a car in Dubai via . They are provide great conditions and cars for any kind of people!. By the way, as I know, many people now do exactly that. In addition, a luxury car will be great option to drive across Dubai.

royalyachts profile image

Very interesting post! Thank you for sharing this information. If you need a Yacht rental Miami please contact us! Have a nice day.

solhckr profile image

i am also working on same idea from many years and building one rental application with all these features. I already developed rental website here

lipstergibster profile image

That'a good idea, especially when you arrive in USA, for example, in Florida and you need a car. I used this agency whike I was in USA and it works so good in my opinion.

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