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Weeknotes #1

Saw this “Weeknotes” idea on some other blogs and decided it’s a good idea. For a while I was trying to write an article every week on – but I missed week 6 and now it’s hard to get back on the habit. Maybe if I’m adding some value to my personal blog again I can be a little more motivated to write.


Watched too much twitch. Apex Legends looks so awesome.

Set up perforance monitoring of an app through Calibre - It’s really excellent.

Looked at the latest version of UI Engine to see if it’s a good basis for my next design system. It can display plain HTML or handlebars templates like Fractal, but it also supports displaying Vue and React components, so that’s a pretty good option. Latest version has some great improvements in configuration also.


Found uptime robot. Good free plan. Found an interesting blog from Remy Sharp about rebuilding the very first web browser at CERN on the 30th anniversary of the web.


Lot’s of code reviews today. Hunting down the domain registrar for a client to see why their old website hosting dissappeared. Mystery. If it weren’t for the wayback machine we would lose a lot more websites due to neglect.


Spent a lot of time building a initial prototype serverless+FRETS app on Zeit Now. Amazing stack. Will have to write more. It is totally possible to deploy serverless functions written in TypeScript without pre-compiling.


Discussed CSS and HTML with my mentee. Lots of basic rules like when to use position. The concepts of selector specificity, and background images. Saw a really weird thing happen when viewing a flex element on Chrome mobile viewport emulator. The whole flex item shrunk down to fit in the available flexbox space… interesting. Setting a pixel value on the flex item seemed to solve it.

Saw this article about UX and login forms from Brad Frost. Don’t Get Clever with Login Forms.

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Add the site to the article, because only they have a 3-minute site availability check interval on the free plan.