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Announcing the Sitecore Developer Portal

As part of our continuous effort to provide you with the best possible service, we are pleased to announce the launch of our new Sitecore Developer Portal, the new landing point for all developers and technical folks in our community:

Your starting point into the world of Sitecore implementations

Our portal provides a one-stop place for everyone in the Sitecore technical community to find walkthroughs for getting started, code samples, integration guides, product documentation, learning materials and courses, knowledge bases, and product support across all Sitecore products and sites.

You can get relevant highlights from social media, Sitecore Stack Exchange, and YouTube as you explore the site, allowing you to learn in the way that makes sense for you and raise awareness of all the great channels that Sitecore has created to support and guide implementation teams.

More to come!

This is just one step forward to pulling together all the resources that are available to you. Down the road, we want to include enhancements to the portal such as a federated search, highlights of community member content, as well as integration into our community platform for posts, blogs, announcements and events. Join us in our journey to improve your experience and make Sitecore an easier place to do business with!

Do you have an idea? We welcome feedback and suggestions in our GitHub repo:

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