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Mount light weighted apps into Ember

This article is a demonstration on how to mount light weighted apps made with Preact, Svelte, etc. along with a dedicated router into Ember.

Right now, this can be achieved with certain router packages​ like However, let's try a different approach.

For demo, let's choose Ember and Preact and define two routes in Ember

And again define three routes in Preact

At this point, these are two stand-alone apps, which would render in different html pages. Let Ember be our base app, and to mount Preact App into Ember, we need a route(page) which certainly acts as an exit point for Ember and entry point for the Preact App.

There are two set of changes here.

​1. Define exit route in Ember(Say /ember-exit-route)​
​2. Use /ember-exit-route as base url for the Preact App.

Now, we add two more routes in the Ember App, which handles the url /ember-exit-route and all child paths beyond that say(/ember-exit-route/home, /ember-exit-route/profile,...)


/*path denotes a wildcard, which catches all the paths coming after /ember-exit-route.

And we define the ​exit url as base path in the Preact App.


​​​Now, the last part, once we visit /ember-exit-route, we need to load the assets of the Preact App and render it inside an element.


That's it.

Demo link:

Let me know your thoughts on this.

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