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Been thinking about going remote? I think I found a way.

Kid that loves car traveling

that's my kid, he lo-o-o-oves car travel is full of amazingly talented people, that happen to be able to code some code. According to Stack Overflow survey, most of us would really want to have a remote job.

When we asked respondents what they valued most when considering a new job, 53.3% said remote options were a top priority. A majority of developers, 63.9%, reported working remotely at least one day a month, and 11.1% say they’re full-time remote or almost all the time.

But demand for remote jobs is higher, than supply. While it's certainly an advantage for employers, it's definitely a bummer for us. But let's not get sad here, we can make our own job!

I would recommend considering building apps around Amazon. There are a lot of reasons why:

  • Well... I don't know how to put it, but... Amazon is huge -- a lot of smaller business strive of it.
  • Business is used to spending money to make money.
  • Current software in eco-system was built mostly by sellers that had a need for automation. Real engineers can do better, right?
  • Amazon has launched their own amazon sellers apps marketplace. Currently, it's private. But once it will open to the public, it will be bonkers...

I'm already busy in this space. Why not you? Let's start talking about it in Reddit?

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