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Stanislav(Stas) Katkov
Stanislav(Stas) Katkov

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Did I waste my time 'launching' on product hunt?

I should admit, I had my project featured on Product Hunt before -- for no particular reason. It was a total hack - just a bunch of links with some text and a fancy domain (with 'digital nomads' trigger word). it was intoxicating! If only I built something serious ... right?

Two years later... I spent 2 days preparing to launch FbaCatalog on Product Hunt. I did all of it:

  • different messages for different 'mediums' -- twitter, facebook, reddit, indie hackers -- you name it
  • good enough subscriber list from
  • screenshots, description
  • "recommended" timing for a post on PH

I probably overdid it in my attempt to "make it". I didn't get featured... But something else was buzzing in my mind all this time... "Why did I launch on PH?"

There were enough reasons not to... I did my research:

  • There was very view Amazon Seller related projects on PH
  • I already tried launching with zero luck

All this time tt was in my face -- my target audience was not on PH. I'm probably trying to admit, that I spent two whole days stroking my ego in a right way.

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Ben Halpern

One-off launches are a bit of a crapshoot.

We really don’t truly “launch” things anymore. We sort of roll things out at whatever pace things are finished or half-finished and iterate.

Even though we’ve had some launch success here and there, we try not to be too focused on those events.

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Stanislav(Stas) Katkov

Thanks for sharing Ben.

This approach actually makes it much easier to iterate over software and get feedback faster.

Mentally, I'm starting to lean towards this approach too.