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re: The idea is to see how you go about solving problems. The actual problems themselves aren't really all that important. One question I have been a...

But that's experimental. Anyone can solve those types of problems in their own setting. Interviews contains very limited resources, so it makes simple problem solving more difficult than needed and completely unrelated to what your job responsibilities are. Why do interviews have this? Simple.. laziness. I been asked to define "virtual" in almost every interview.. and to do an algorithm to sort a list.. taking the same boilerplate interview template. To be even more honest, usually job responsibilities are in fact way easier than questions asked during the interview. Better off making these questions as take home, and have the person discuss the solution during the interview. Cheating in take home is fine.. whats important is the interview.

I can relate to that. I was asked in an interview what "type erasure" was. My answer: "I can't remember". They still offered me the job, so what was the point of that question?

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