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Still working with WordPress and started learning a little PHP to go along. Dabbling with Genesis framework and it various plugins.

I’m really liking the flow of designing websites and having the ability to jump into the code if I need to. Haven’t messed with Gutenberg yet, but it seems to be a “hot button” issue in the WordPress arena. I guess I haven’t been under the hood of WordPress to really understand the benefits and disadvantages of Gutenberg.

Obviously, WordPress has sparked a little interest in PHP and there seems to be a lot of quality resources for learning the language.

To the woodshed.


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I would suggest NOT working with WordPress if you wanted to learn PHP.
WordPress is a bad choice for this goal.
OctoberCMS and others are a much better choice in terms of templating, PHP and overall code quality. They also have a community, themes, plugins etc.

Good luck anyway!


Thank you for the info. I also purchased a separate PHP course on Udemy by Edwin Diaz that teaches how to code your own CMS. I like WordPress but I’m also interested in learning other cms and PHP frameworks.


That's wise. In case you want to stick with WordPress I do recommend to read this blog carlalexander.ca/ and follow him everywhere.
This page carlalexander.ca/library/ is a gold mine for starters.