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Day 3 in web development

slkd7700 profile image Xalman khalid ・1 min read

Welcome on Day 3 first today I was very confuse or maybe i had very negative vibe i was't understand the simple anchor tags for multiple pages i had very low energy but after spending some time i get fresh my self and miss my friend Naqi Ahmed he has vary high and positive energy when every i meat him he charge me up than i sat back on my work Space and start learning anchor tags for multiple pages and it's very simple also i learn about link tag for external style sheet which is reduce the ability to use CSS in a page with a single line of code further i learn about CSS selector with section and div tags which need to understand very clearly for front-end developer in html Class are very important instead of id you can use id but where you have to need with class i learn about display-flex,margin,padding which make my pages more nice.css pseudo classes are also helpful i did't use much pseudo class target like in parent class you have many child if you want to change your first-child Background-color and else remain same you can just write like this

li:first-child {background-color:red;}

this is awesome i'm trying out to write more and learn more about web development.

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