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Should I ask for a raise?

This is an anonymous post sent in by a member who does not want their name disclosed. Please be thoughtful with your responses, as these are usually tough posts to write. Email if you’d like to leave an anonymous comment.

So I just got a 7% raise (which puts me closer to a Senior SE Software Eng. salary) a few months back.

But my seniors are really impressed by my performance so far (we’ve been receiving millions of new non-paying users since we do virtual schools), and might bump me to Manager in a few weeks for a smaller project (and probably will remain a Tech Lead in the current main project).

Now the question: should I ask for a raise and how much? Responsibilities will definitely be more but the company has kind of stated they are looking to cut costs (many devs are probably getting laid off), and to be honest, it may not be the best time for me to gamble my job. But on the other hand, I feel I have a lot to offer and if they don’t give me a decent raise I will feel exploited with the extra work.

Been thinking the possible scenarios so many times. Help is appreciated!

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Molly Struve (she/her)

I am a huge proponent of always making sure you are making what you feel you are worth for the company. When I made my leap to Sr I ended up asking for double the raise they gave me and got it bc I knew I was worth it to the company.

With all of that said I do think the COVID-19 crisis does put a little bit of a damper on things and you have to be sensitive to that. If I was in your position I personally would wait until things settle down. In the meantime, maybe try to take some time off for yourself. I am not sure what your company policy is for time off but rather than pushing for more money bc you are doing more work, take some time for yourself as a reward for your hard work since you don't have the extra money right now.

Hope that helps and good luck with whatever you choose!!!

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Ben Halpern

I think it could depend on a few things, I think it's definitely best to position this in a way where it doesn't feel arbitrary.

the company has kind of stated they are looking to cut costs (many devs are probably getting laid off)

If this is based on the current pandemic I'd maybe just wait it out a little bit for better timing. If you put off asking for a month longer than maybe you should have it's probably not the end of the world, and it's kind of nice to time these things in periods of optimism.

However, if they are literally just explicitly giving you a bunch of extra work I think you could cite that they're doing that because they believe in you and a reasonable raise right now is appropriate, and that you'll be there to help do good work and push through tough times.

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marzgra • Edited

I'd do the following - send few CVs to other companies for similar or better positions, find out how much others are willing to pay for your knowledge. Don't sign anything yet (unless offer is so good you are sure you want to take it haha). Then talk with your current employer, ask for a rise (now you know how much, as other companies are most certainly willing to pay more). If they don't agree you have a 'wildcard' that other companies wants you and are willing to pay more. Now, either your current employer will want to keep you and give you a rise, or you can change a job for better paycheck ;) imho - win-win
One more thing - regarding the current situation, most companies are more willing to cut costs, so other option is to wait a little till the market gets more stable. It's all up to you!

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Adam Crockett πŸŒ€

Bad timing don't do it.

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Something I have learned in my career is that you can always ask for a raise without it leaving your supervisors feeling like you will become a malcontent if you say no.

I always frame the question like this: "In order to reach my financial goals for me any my family, I would like to be making X dollars right now. What do you think I can do for you in order to provide that much value for the company?"

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Corey McCarty

In light of the current situation asking for a raise might not be a great idea, granted. On the other hand, accepting additional responsibility without discussing additional income feels wrong to me. I'd offer that considering the current situation, you understand that funds are a bit scarce, but that you'd like to have a written agreement to circle back on this in 6 months time to discuss financial compensation for the additional responsibilities that you will be taking on in that time. If they agree then I'd make sure that you had in this in writing so that you can bring it back up when the time comes. You may even go ahead and schedule a meeting with them for that time period as a reminder to you both so that this isn't allowed to go forgotten.

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Abdullah Di'bas • Edited

If I were you I will wait for a better timing because even if your request is not got rejected you may not get the raise you want and that may make it hard for you to ask again for another raise during the next months.

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𝐍𝐚𝐭𝐚π₯𝐒𝐞 𝐝𝐞 π–πžπžπ«π

You need to consider the situation we're all in right now.. people are cutting costs wherever they can. I'd advise not asking for a raise right now, but waiting 6-12 months for the economy to recover THEN asking for it. By then you will have proven your capabilities and they'll be more willing to accept it.

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Vishal Chovatiya