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Adminator - Simple Django Starter

Hello Coders!

This article presents Adminator, an open-source seed project built with database, authentication, and Docker support using Django as the backend framework. The product uses a Bootstrap 5 design, recently migrated from Webpack to Gulp, for easier integration in frameworks like Flask, Django, and FastAPI. For newcomers, Django is a leading backend framework actively supported that can be used to code from simple websites to APIs, microservices, and complex eCommerce solutions. Thanks for reading!

Adminator - Mobile View (free Django Starter).

✨ Start in Docker

The product can be used in a local environment with ease via the Docker set up shipped with the product. Once the sources are downloaded from the product page or Github, a single command is enough to start the app:

$ cd django-adminator      
$ docker-compose up --build
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Adminator Django - Login Page (free starter).

✨ Product Highlights

This starter comes with a database, authentication, Docker scripts, and permissive license, all bundled on top of a modern, colorful design.

  • ✅ Modern stack: Django, Bootstrap 5
  • ✅ Database, Authentication, Docker
  • ✅ Active Versioning, Free Support
  • ✅ MIT license (free for commercial use)

Adminator is a responsive Bootstrap 5 Admin Template. It provides you with a collection of ready-to-use code snippets and utilities, custom pages, a collection of applications, and some useful widgets.

Sample Pages - If you want to get inspiration or show something directly to your clients, you can jump-start your development with our pre-built example pages.

Adminator - Main Dashboard Page (free Django Starter).

Adminator - UI Buttons (free Django Starter).

Adminator - Calendar Page (free Django Starter).

Thanks for reading! For more resources and support, please access:

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