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Bulma CSS - A curated list with resources

Hello Coders,

This article is a short introduction to Bulma CSS - the popular open-source CSS framework based on Flexbox. With more than 40k stars on Github and 300+ contributors, Bulma is a great alternative to Bootstrap being modular, developer-friendly, and easy to customize. The article also provides a shortlist with starters styled with Bulma to end up the theoretical content with something usable for our daily projects.

Thanks for reading! Content provided by AppSeed - a platform used by many developers across the globe. TL;DR;

  • What is Bulma CSS
  • How to use/import Bulma CSS
  • Bulma basics: layouts, elements, components, forms

Bulma Starters

Bulma CSS - Open-source CSS Framework.

According to the CSS 2020 Survey Results published by, Bulma CSS scores the 3rd position of the satisfaction scale, right after Tailwind and Pure CSS. This is not a surprise for those that use Bulma on daily basis.

CSS Frameworks Comparision - 2020 Survey.

What's so special about Bulma CSS? Let's find out together.

  • Modern Framework - based on Flexbox specifications
  • Mobile first, responsive
  • Lightweight, modular and JS Free
  • Built-in components: Cards, Tabs, Menus
  • Actively supported and versioned by 300+ contributors

To get started with Bulma is quite easy. We can open an editor, create a minimal HTML file that includes Bulma CSS and (optionally) Font Awesome:

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">
    <title>Bulma CSS - Starter Page</title>
    <link rel="stylesheet" href=""  crossorigin="anonymous" />
    <link rel="stylesheet" href="" crossorigin="anonymous" />

    <div class="container is-fluid">
        <!-- Add here Bulma Stuff -->
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The relevant assets are loaded via CDN (no download required):

Bulma - Buttons

The code snippet that code some simple buttons is fairly simple:

<button class="button is-primary is-small">Small</button>
<button class="button is-link">Default</button>
<button class="button is-warning is-normal">Normal</button>
<button class="button is-success is-medium">Medium</button>
<button class="button is-danger  is-large">Large</button>
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The output for this code looks like on this screenshot:

Bulma CSS - UI Buttons.

To round the layout, we can use the qualifier "is-rounded" as presented in this code snippet:

<button class="button is-rounded is-primary is-small">Small</button>
<button class="button is-rounded is-link">Default</button>
<button class="button is-rounded is-warning is-normal">Normal</button>
<button class="button is-rounded is-success is-medium">Medium</button>
<button class="button is-rounded is-danger  is-large">Large</button>
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Bulma CSS - UI Rounded Buttons.

Bulma - Hero Component

This component can be invoked by using class "hero" as the main container and this will code a full-width banner on the page.

Bulma CSS - UI Hero Component.

Bulma - Contact Form

In this section, we will style a contact form with an image on the left and the form fields on the right.

Bulma CSS - Contact Form Component.

The relevant code:

  • Define a container for all elements: class "container"
  • Define two columns with 6 rows each: class "column is-6"
  • The left container will expose the image
  • The right container will contain the form:

    <div class="field">
        <div class="control">
            <input class="input" type="email" placeholder="Email">
    <div class="field">
        <div class="select is-fullwidth">
            <option disabled selected>Select product</option>
            <option>Product 1</option>
            <option>Product 2</option>
            <option>Product 3</option>
    <div class="field">
        <div class="control">
            <textarea class="textarea" rows="5"></textarea>
    <div class="field">
        <div class="control">
            <button class="button is-primary is-fullwidth">Submit</button>
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Bulma - Cards

The card component comprises several elements that you can mix and match. All card elements should be bundled inside a "card" container:

  • card header
  • card image
  • card content
  • card footer

Let's visualize a sample with for cards styled with an inner image, text, and a loading bar.

Bulma CSS - Media Cards.

Here is the code for the first card:

<div class="box">
    <div class="media">
        <div class="media-left">
            <figure class="image is-48x48"><img src="media/icons/folder-o.svg">
        <div class="media-content has-text-right">
            <h3 class="title is-1 has-text-info">2</h3>
    <h4 class="title">Projects</h4>
    <progress class="progress is-info" role="progressbar" value="75" max="100">
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This card can be customized by changing the CSS qualifiers provided by Bulma:

  • Resize the image by using class is-96x96 (image gets a double size)
  • Update the Number and class to has-text-warning
  • Progress bar to use is-success class and value 25 of 100

With all those changes applied, the new layout is:

Bulma CSS - Media Cards Customized.

Bulma - Team Cards

Using cards for our team or pricing is quite a common component used in many templates. Bulma helps us to code a team section using a minimum CSS code:

Bulma CSS - Team Cards

Let's take a look at the first card and analyze the relevant CSS classes:

<div class="column is-4">
    <div class="level">
        <div class="level-item">
            <figure class="image is-128x128">
                <img class="is-rounded" src="media/team-1.jpg" alt="">
    <h5 class="title is-5">Angelina Jolie</h5>
    <p class="subtitle is-6">CEO</p>
    <p>When I'm not obsessively stressing ...</p>
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  • The card width has 4 cells (we need three cards on a row)
  • The Image has the figure container and the inner "is-rounded" image
  • The descriptors "is-5" and "is-6" are classes defined for headings objects

All above samples are saved on a single file mentioned in the top section: Index.html - For LIVE demo, please access this link.

Bulma CSS - One-page starter.

To learn more about this amazing framework feel free to access the official Bulma CSS website or jump directly and read the docs. To pass over the theory, we can take a look at a few Bulma CSS starters already coded and customized.

Bulma Fresh

This is a super simple one-page starter with a hamburger menu and a popup for authentication forms. The UI is crafted by Css Ninja agency and the code can be downloaded directly from Github under the MIT License.

Bulma CSS Fresh - Open-source template project crafted by CSS Ninja

Bulma Krypton

Krypton is a one-page landing page starter built by Css Ninja Studio. Krypton is licensed under the MIT license and based on this permissive license, the UI can be used for unlimited hobby & commercial projects:

Bulma CSS Krypton - Open-source multi-page template styled with Bulma.

Thanks for reading! For more resources please access:

Thank you! Btw, my (nick) name is Sm0ke and I'm pretty active also on Twitter.

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