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Tips For Freshers


  1. Always try to keep improving yourself

    • Learn New tech things, compete with yourself, aalas mat khao, you should learn to push yourself everyday.
    • Everyday wake up and set your mind to work on your skills, try even if you are not able to that after sometime or somedays your interest will be created automatically.
    • yaad rakho, sunna sab ka hai magar karna wahi hai jo tumhe thik lagta ho.
    • Waqt barbaad mat karo warna ek din waqt tumhe barbaad kardega.
    • Apne career pe hamesha concentrate karo, Dost, Ladki/Ladka, Gaadi wagera sab khud-ba-khud tumhare pas aajayegi ek din.
    • In Simple Terms INVEST IN YOUR SELF
  2. Always Explore early: Do mistakes

    • When yo start exploring things early in your life, you can figure out where your passion lies.
    • Committing mistakes is good but repeating the same in not.
    • Remember: Jitni Galti Karoge sikhne waqt utni he aage badhoge, aane walle samay mai.

    • Always Follow your passion rather than money, because money is not a big deal, what matters is you vision about your future.
    • Your vision for yourself should be the main agenda.
    • Skills, knowledge pe hamesha dhyan dena, paise apne aap aajayega.
  4. Opportunities

    • Always look to grab the opportunities, It is good to follow your dream but never ignore the opportunities that come in between.
    • "If somebody offers you an amazing opportunity but you are not sure you can do it, say yes – then learn how to do it later!" -Richard Branson
  5. Stick to professionalism

    • The IT sector is that kind of an industry which requires you to be a professional to the core.
    • If the task given by them are not able to solve then talk to them about it and tell them the issue you are facing in the task.
    • Communicate
  6. Expectations

    • Remember one thing don't believe and Faith anyone who is saying that I'll help you out to get a job or I have a good source, you just shared me your resume.
    • They all are useless, it's better to take your own responsibility.
  7. College ke us paar tum duniya ko nachate the aur college ke is paar duniya tumhe nachayegi isliye zaruri hai ki jitna jaldi sudhar jaoge utna he behetar rahega aane walle dino mai.

    • So welcome to this new cycle and remember one thing - “The more value you give to this world the more the world will pay you.” So start adding more values in yourself!!
  8. It’s good to have intelligence but if you don’t know how to use your emotional quotient you’ll lose the race. Offices are made up of people, who make policies, systems and rules.

  9. Last but not the least
    Work Smartly, Grab opportunities, Make a Career Plan, Learn

  10. Remember: Time Ek Chiz Lati Hai Aur Woh Hai Experience, Aur Experience Ka Bohot Value Hai!!

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Ahmed Samir

Write in English or aliens language, choose one for god sake

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yeah sure from next time and ty for reading.