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My First DevFest as a Speaker✨

The first time you give a speech on a level as grand as Google is surely meant to be a special moment, a privilege, the beginning of something special, and I will surely never forget the once in a lifetime opportunity. ✨

It was a fine Wednesday morning when I received the mail from Google Developer Group Hubli, that my talk on "Let's get started with Actions on Google" is shortlisted for the DevFest Hubli 2019. I felt honoured. 😇

Smit at DevFestHubli

It soon dawned on me that I would be speaking for an audience of almost 100+ listeners. I felt a pang of nervousness but as the day of the event came closer, I felt a strong sense of determination forming in my mind.

The two-day event was scheduled on 28 and 29 of September 2019, of which my talk was to be happening on the 29th.
It was a giant congregation of student developers from various institutions and technological background. I was intrigued and overwhelmed.

I gave a talk on “Let's get started with Actions on Google" which most of the developers are not equipped with. I took the courtesy to elaborate about Intents, Entity, tools like Dialogflow, Firebase realtime Database, Cloud Function, response types such as card, suggestion chip. I presented the display of DevFest Mumbai, developed that I have worked on (Check out Talk to DevFest Mumbai )
. Also, I shared insights on Qwiklabs and Codelabs course of Actions on Google.

DevFest Hubli Image

The most spectacular moment for me was the interaction with Mr. Nikhil Raichur. (Community Manager @Google). ❤

Speaker group photo

I had a memorable experience throughout my stay at BVB College of Engineering, Hubballi. Thanks to GDG Hubbali for giving me an opportunity and for the warm welcome and generous hospitality. 🙏😄
I’d also like to thank GDG Mumbai & GDG Cloud Mumbai community for motivating me. You all are my constant support! ❤

I feel honoured and privileged to the core.

Check out my slide

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