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My First DevFest as a Speaker✨

The first time you give a speech on a level as grand as Google is undoubtedly meant to be a special moment, a privilege, and the beginning of something special. I will surely never forget the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

It was a fine Wednesday morning when I received the mail from Google Developer Group Hubli, that my talk on "Let's get started with Actions on Google" is shortlisted for the DevFest Hubli 2019. I felt honoured.

Smit at DevFestHubli

It soon dawned on me that I would be speaking for an audience of almost 100+ listeners. I felt a pang of nervousness but as the day of the event came closer, I felt a strong sense of determination forming in my mind.

The two-day event was scheduled for the 28 and 29 of September 2019, of which my talk was to be happening on the 29th.
It was a giant congregation of student developers from various institutions and technological backgrounds. I was intrigued and overwhelmed.

I gave a talk on “Let's get started with Actions on Google" which most developers are not equipped with. I took the courtesy to elaborate on Intents, Entity, tools like Dialogflow, Firebase Realtime Database, Cloud Function, and response types such as card, and suggestion chip. I presented the display of DevFest Mumbai, developed that I have worked on (Check out Talk to DevFest Mumbai )
 . Also, I shared insights on Qwiklabs and Codelabs course of Actions on Google.

DevFest Hubli Image

The most spectacular moment for me was the interaction with Mr Nikhil Raichur. (Community Manager @Google).

Speaker group photo

I had a memorable experience throughout my stay at BVB College of Engineering, Hubballi. Thanks to GDG Hubbali for giving me an opportunity and for the warm welcome and generous hospitality.
I’d also like to thank GDG Mumbai & GDG Cloud Mumbai community for motivating me. You all are my constant support!

I feel honoured and privileged to the core.

Check out my slide

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