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I run Arch with i3-gaps and polybar. The configuration and themes are all custom (that + the rolling release model are why I picked Arch) but I'm less interested in making everything look great than I am in making it look decent, work well with a keyboard as primary input device, and surface the information I need. You can check out my dotfiles on GitHub for the specifics.

Arch is great, and the Arch Wiki is one of the best documentation repositories I know of, but it's tough to recommend unless you're already familiar with Linux and want a project system.

screenshot of Arch Linux with i3-gaps, polybar, the Vivaldi browser, and neovim


I've been using pretty much every linux distro, coming from Debian, Ubuntu, Mint, Fedora, CentOS, Gentoo etc. but the only one I've found myself comfortable with for both desktop general use and production servers (which have been beaten by AlpineLinux recently tough) is Arch Linux and its extensions, Antergos and Manjaro.


Can I get some 2019 updates on this discussion? My machine died this week and since the next one will be a ground up restart, I'm having a hard time deciding which distro to use.

The dead machine had fedora, but I found myself always having to convert or adapt packages from other distros (.deb,etc), so I'd like a fresh perspective.

I'm not a noob but I am also primarily a MS stack dev, and don't want to take on an Arch distro w/o compelling reasons otherwise.

So... I'm asking the community for a 2019 recommendation on a distro that's customizable w/o forcing you to, and which has a broad repo of packages to support my capricious hobby projects.



I am using Ubuntu since 2008/2009 or so. I have tried Arch & Mint for some relatively long time and some other distributions very briefly. I appreciate the stability and LTS releases of Ubuntu.

Regarding the themes and customizations, I am not a big fan of that and prefer to use whatever is available by default with some minor modifications.


Same here!
I have Ubuntu 17.04 as my principal OS, I hasn't used a different OS(excluding the omnipresent Windows).


Ubuntu MATE (presently 17.10) is my favorite by far. I'm using the Obsidian GTK theme (love the blackout themes!) and Revival icons.



Ubuntu/Fedora + custom Gnome settings and colors setup from r/unixporn

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