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Amazon Connect – The Future of Call Centers: Features & Use Cases

The reason why customers contact your centre is to receive answers. Be it the introduction of a new feature or difficulty in the payment process, they contact you to get specific answers to their problems. Get into their shoes to understand their psychology when they call you. They are both curious and impatient. In such a case, receiving unsatisfactory and pending replies from your end will deteriorate your reputation.

Manually writing down the reports of calls and chat history is both a cumbersome and inefficient task. Again, writing codes to automate the process requires a high-level understanding of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Amazon has come up with its customer centre Amazon Connect which enables you to create your contact centre with advanced features. At SNDK Corp, we help you migrate your enterprise to Amazon Cloud to avail of the benefits it provides.

What is Amazon Connect?

Amazon Connect is an omnichannel cloud contact centre that provides unmatched customer service to its users. It allows you to deliver a seamless, personalized, and natural experience to your customers. Every customized user interaction you create with Amazon Connect gets available in chats and voices in real-time. Going virtual will help the agents to give customers flawless experiences even while working away from the physical call centres.

Amazon Connect: Features

Amazon Connect comes with various promising features as per SNDK Corp. Some of them are listed below:

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1. Omnipresent channels

The call center agents don’t need to be technically efficient to carry out the process. Amazon Connect has the same UI for chat and voice interaction. The biggest advantage of using an omnipresent channel is, you don’t need to build different workflows for voice and chat channels individually. With Amazon Connect you can build rules and call flow and enable them across the channels.

2. Graphical contact flow builder

Contact flow is the overall experience of the user from start to finish when he/she contacts the customer care. It includes logging in, prompting the next step, transferring to the next queue, etc. With Amazon Connect, the whole contact flow can be built graphically without having to write a single line of code. You can also build contact flows that understand natural language using Amazon Lex, so callers can simply tell you what they want instead of listening to the complete Menu and then choose the desired option.

3. Automated calls

It enables you to make programmatic calls. The calls can be triggered in response to events, like reminders to fight booking or warning to credit card frauds. It provides your users with a trustworthy and excellent experience.


4. Audio features

Audio quality plays a major role in call interactions. The caller never wants to deal with an inaudible voice from your end. Amazon Connect delivers high-quality audio calls with 16kHz audio. Also, it provides the call recording facility so that the recording can be analyzed for better user experience.


5. Build chatbots

You don’t need to be a technical expert to build a chatbot. A chatbot contact flow can be easily built using Amazon Lex which comes integrated with Amazon Connect. It has the same features of Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) and Natural Language Understanding (NLU) that powers Alexa. Chatbots are sure to give an out of box experience to your customers.

6. Real-time and historical analytics

With Amazon Connect, there will be no need to manually enter the details of every conversation and create a report on your performance. It provides you with a visual dashboard with real-time and historical metrics. They prove to be the key data in finding out the latest trends. Understanding your call centre data at the atomic level will certainly help you improve performance.

7. Fraud detection

Amazon Connect enables you to build a fraud detection model with just a few clicks. The Machine Learning model will automatically identify if the caller is trying to fetch unauthorized information. This is a must-have feature for your customer service centre as users’ security should never be compromised.

Use Cases

1: Managing peaks

With excellent scalable channels and Artificial Intelligence, you can provide uninterrupted experience to your customers. It adapts easily to the quickly changing customer needs.

2: Automation of paths

After analyzing the most asked questions, you can prepare a contact flow that will automate the response to users’ queries. This will save both time and resources.


3: Personalized solutions

With integrated lambda functions, personalized experiences are provided to your customers using Artificial Intelligence. You can direct the customer to the appropriate queue by looking up at their records. It will provide a more familiar experience for your customers.

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Peak management will require temporarily hiring new agents and mismanagement will lead to loss of customer satisfaction. Amazon Connect has taken the initiative to provide your company with an efficient and low-cost solution to handle such situations with ease. With an easy to understand and no-coding interface, it makes it user friendly for even non-technical agents. However, to provide an unmatched customer care experience, migrate your business to Amazon Cloud with SNDK Corp solutions. Amazon Connect is sure to become the future of call centres with its powerful and robust features.

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