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Sneha Maurya
Sneha Maurya

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Mistakes I have made, as Junior Software Developer.

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After graduation, I got hired as SDE1 in 2020, and now this year I’m going to have complete one year of experience as junior software developer.

I did graduation in IT and started my career as junior software developer. Lets jumps to the mistakes I made during my journey.

Listening other senior developers ,what they are doing and what they have done during sprint in stand-up, I found it’s intimidating to me. I start doubting myself “Am I be able to do such complex tasks?”. But reality is Yes, I’m now also able to do such complex task , just by breaking those problems in to sub, sub problems.

I’m little introvert . Initial period , I talk less with my seniors or manager. This was my one of the mistake as junior developer. later I found , I have to let my manager know what deployment failures I made. I should be the one who convey those conversations.

I have been working on Spring boot applications, but I also wanted to work on MERN Stack. I never convey this though to my manager. But one day in 1:1 meeting I told him about that and he welcomed it and assigned a project with NodeJS. Finally I learn , I have to talk to not only problem related to project I’m having also If I’m wanna to pick some other domain project or else.

There is room to grow every time I made any mistake. I’m learning constantly from my mistakes. I would love to say, don’t leave yourself cold after pulling off any mistake in your developer journey, because it is sign that your learning and contributing.

Learn from your mistakes and grow.

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