5 part Docker series, beginner to master

Chris Noring on March 10, 2019

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just seeing this today i feel i have found what i've been looking for for some days.

was about to start a side project and wanted everything containerized and deployed to azure or aws and this seems to have all the pointers i need to know how to go about my side project.

i'll keep coming back here when i run into any road blocks. i hope you'll be available to help out.

thank you chris.... big thank you!


hi Vincent.. Glad to hear it. Happy to help :)


Not sure if anyone else has touched on this but apart from Kubernetes, it would be great to also touch on deploying containers in the cloud, in this case Azure, as it is mentioned on your first post of this series.

I’m excited to continue reading!


Hi @softchris , congratulations and thank you so much for this. I'm from brazil and i would like translate your series to portuguese, can i?


hi Fanny, yes sure. Please mention That I'm the original author though and point them to twitter.com/chris_noring Thanks :)


hmm ok :) so the 5 part series is available on both Medium and dev.to. I obviously link something wrong somewhere.. anyways, welcome to dev.to :)

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