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Self-taught || Educated

So, many devs argue on which way to go.

IMHO on this one, but I would go both, which I actually did.

I started off from having to copy paste stuff from video tutorials as I watched and listened, which was advised by my old friend, who at the time was already bashing through the industry.
Having to notice that I don't really have a good idea of what I'm doing, and the lacking structure of online tutorials, at least what seemed to me at that point, I decided to take on a degree in computer science.
From my observation, many of the student fellows I started the course had been dropping out each year. So by the end of completing it, I had only couple of students having success with their degree. The rest were mostly the once returning from either academical holiday or those who would have had their study on a part-time basis.
When I join my current company I was full of enthusiasm, that I have finally found a job where I'd be spending a lot of time learning from senior colleagues.
Guess what? I didn't find it being the case.
All along, which is 1 year and ~6 months, I've been continuously discriminated against academical knowledge and it's applications. Yet some of the senior developers in this company are struggling to understand why you would use class properties visibility accessors and how it reflects on object mutation. Okay, fair enough, as long as your code is not breaking, we're cool. At least that is what our line manager says.
Now I don't want to sound like I am full of myself, as I never against anyone who is self-taught, educated or whatever they do, but what is it to do with me being educated?
Nevertheless, I had some family issues, that had affected my mental state, plus all the hate at work, and obviously, my performance as a developer has gone down a slope.
Line manager had approached me and it seemed that he had some empathy towards that, yet couple of weeks ago I was sent to HR manager to discuss this.
Funny, but how do you measure developers performance? I am sure there are metrics you can use, but would that include an in-depth analysis of contributions made by a worker?
From this meeting I also learner that none of my colleagues are educated to any degree, that includes the 10+ years experienced line manager. And all of those people are complaining how bad is the current education system. Well, I have personally not come across people with degree who would say it's waste of time.
It's also interesting how simply checking the amount of story points completed during a sprint(Agile Scrum methodology) may say about the actual performance of a dev. I see this as most ridiculous type of metric you can use, as 50% of the time the story points are just estimated incorrectly in out team.
So now I am officially being micromanaged having the deadlines of story points to achieve. Feels like a bit of modern agricultural field with a bit of benefits, as if someone owns you and throws a bone from time to time.

Now that my personal life is sorted my story points gone up by 3 times, which is something senior devs do in our company. Still getting those leftovers in terms of pay, recognition, etc.

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