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Imposter's Syndrome?

Full-stack moaning engineer
・2 min read

And here I go again with yet another moan at me being incapable to grow as a professional.

Now, I am indeed quite newbie in IT industry, having complete a CS degree, and so far working as a developer for 3 years... But!

Most of my colleagues don't come from academic environment, hence I end up giving myself plenty of frustrations when it comes to arguing my point.

In my current company we used to have one-to-one meetings with a line manager, where we can discuss whatever we feel we want to discuss. So this is where my gears are starting to grind.

On the first one-to-one I had, I jotted down a list of things to suggest to the line manager, where one point was about implementing some new of the standard 'Software Engineering' processes into place, i.e. workflow charts, class diagrams, etc. That, in my opinion can improve a lot of issues even before the work has been committed. As an answer to this I got this: 'I don't think this will do any good for us! This is an ancient approach to agile methodology, in fact, it's a waterfall kind of process.'

What? Seriously?

Now how can one say that, having the knowledge/experience with 'Software Engineering'? - Easily: they just don't have that knowledge.

Now for those who think software engineers and software developers are of the same kind, please do a thorough revision.

Anyhow, lately it's been going in direction of redress. All of a sudden I see that my suggestions are creeping into to our workflow... But!

It appears that none of them are actually my suggestions. Our all mighty manager is pulling the dev team with those brilliant ideas. Holy Life Betterer!

So what everybody else think of this in the dev team? - Well, seems that I am not capable of being a part of this whole thing.

I get the human factor obstacles, but how does one suppose to achieve something, when it just comes to point where I need to shut up while a senior colleague is talking out of his... But*


Imposters syndrome has place to be, but not always on it's own. Maybe it's just me, yet I feel it's being fabricated by the all mighty experienced lot.

Bla, bla, bla... Moan, moan, moan...

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