Don't Panic: The Solidus Guide to ReactJS

seand7565 profile image Sean Denny ・1 min read

Sean Denny hits us with a workshop-style guide on implementing ReactJS with Solidus - and rebuilds an entire product page in ReactJS to boot!

"Don't Panic: The Solidus Guide to ReactJS"
How do you bring the speed of ReactJS to the flexible and scalable Solidus ecosystem? The first step: Don't panic. Sean will take you through the basics - taking a vanilla Solidus store and adding ReactJS in step by step. Follow along as we take a look at how the Solidus API interacts with React, how React routing works, and some of the benefits of using ReactJS with Solidus. Just don't forget to bring your towel.

Here's a link to the chat log, which includes the URLs and code snippets posted: https://gist.github.com/seand7565/1f47e9c90abebbf4f5c358f3a0cf7c71


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