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Space Physics

So last month I was bored and decided to have some fun by coding some space related stuff. I took 5 space related topics but I have added 2 of them here since the rest are still in work in progress. I have been so much in to Space and Astronomy recently and then I wrote this simply to understand what happens and how it happens. These are my codepens

  1. How a satellite/asteroid/comet changes it speed and trajectory using the help of a planet or any other object with a gravitational force.

  1. Saturn's rings using real gravitational physics. The rings are actually small particles moving at high speed held together by the gravitational force but I keep the trails to look like there are more particles there. There are lots of properties to adjust on the codepen. Feel free to check it out.

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The code is a little unoptimized for now so I am not adding the codepen embed here but here is the link to check it out

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This is so cool! Love how it's just force * mass to create this effect!

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Sooraj (PS)

Thank you :) Yeah just a bunch of simple math and boom we have it