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Soris Cox

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Nevertheless, Soris Coded

I started/continued to code in 2019 because...

PAST - I once had a dream of being a software engineer when I finished my undergraduate degree in Computer Science a long time ago. (Side note: I had interest in science and technology from childhood but eventually settled on Computer Science as my major after a high school math teacher remarked on how women were underrepresented in technology. Challenge accepted!) After marrying the love of my life (who happens to be in the military), I set aside that dream to follow my spouse around the world and take care of my family.

PRESENT - Participating in a hackathon by MilSpouse Coders a few months back, my passion for problem-solving, learning, and the thrill of creating a solution in code that provides the expected results was reignited. That experience led me to apply to Code Platoon's Full-Stack Development Program. I am proud to be one of the first military spouses to participate in the program and honored to learn alongside an amazing group of veterans. I'm loving Python, Django, Javascript, React and all the other tools/practices that I am learning.

FUTURE - I want to show my daughter that technology is for everyone and that Mom can be a badass when she puts her mind to something!

I deserve credit for...

Attending bootcamp remotely and from across the world...lots of late late nights!
Making myself and my dreams a priority (though I can't lie that I do feel guilty at times).

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