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Try to run libp2p(js-libp2p) anyway.

I tried to run js-libp2p that Javascript implementation of libp2p.

What to do.

I tried to run transfer.

How to do.

I made a docker image of the process above.

docker run -it sot528/libp2pjstest

Run 3.js in the container.

root@73b031df5d57:~/work# node 3.js

Then, 3 nodes will run and connect each other.

node 1 is listening on:
node 2 is listening on:
node 3 is listening on:
node 3 failed to dial to node 1 with: Circuit not enabled and all transports failed to dial peer QmVSd89zgVLqC3cUVzN3R3dpA8xextxEFBuACd8uSMXXLM!
node 1 dialed to node 2 successfully
node 2 dialed to node 3 successfully

You can try what you want as editing 3.js.

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