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VS Code Sparking Watercooler Convos? Here's How

Feeling the co-presence of others while working does not just foster camaraderie, it is often the spark that leads to conversations that make communities grow closer together.

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Get your own coding status at

How Does It Work?

You can share your real-time coding status. Actively and passively. You can easily toggle the level of information you are sharing, both for community and beyond. Default sharing settings are Activity, Language, and Availability. Availability will let others know when you are heads down coding. Go ahead, get your own coding status, select what's included, and share it with other devs.

Invite More Familiar Faces

You probably agree that work time’s more fun when you are surrounded by others. Invite your friends, coworkers, and classmates into this social experience. The more the merrier. Invite them via the embedded email form or just grab your personalized URL and slide right into their DMs.

Happy coding! Cheers,

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