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I made my dream template

A couple of days ago, I was looking for a perfect theme for my blog. To me, it's harder to find the exact theme I was looking for than starting the blog itself.

My requirements are pretty simple.

  1. It should be simple.
  2. It should never distract a user while reading.
  3. It should look a little bit professional.
  4. It should be colourful at the same time.

I started looking for my "dream theme" on every theme platform I heard of.

There, some of them have some really attractive templates but, it literally kicked me at my budget.

And cheap themes are more like junks.

So, the time came.

I had to make my own theme from scratch.


I quickly copied this blank template code from W3School and started my customizations.

I added two of my most favourite fonts.

  1. Montserrat
  2. Didact Gothic

I like the card-style layout.

simpleblog cards

It'll look like this on a mobile device.

simpleblog mobile cards

Lastly, added a simple "author profile" at the right sidebar.

author area

Then, I created a bunch of CSS classes to create an article plage for my blog.

Alt Text

That's it. Now I have the perfect theme for my blog, exactly what I was dreamed for.

Here you can take a look at the demo website.

Here is the source code. If you want to use this theme in your blog, feel free to use it.
Source Code:

Let me know if we can make this better together.

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