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Project #5: Naming Tools

Not all side-projects need to lead directly to a business. Some might just be an experiment, a tool to build upon as mentioned in my other article or a simple helper for yourself. Coding can be relaxing for some.

Over the recent Christmas break I wanted to work on a project idea freely — without the pressure to produce something to make money. Naming Tools is the result. It's a simple website/tool to apply some (for me) new tech, try a different approach and solve a partial problem along the way.

Naming Tools is a fork of some ideas which I'm using indirectly in my name check tool. The Word Safety Tool is planned to provide little warnings on Startup Name Check. It will show you if you are using a domain name or username which might be considered profane in a different language or context. This happens, often unintentionally.

Furthermore, the tool is well-rounded with these additional tools:

Word definitions to find second/other meanings of any given term,

Rhymes & Synonyms to identify alternatives for your planned project names and

Word Merge to create portmanteau words as project names

These are coming from third-party services. You can find more details on the projects 'about' page.

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