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Submitting your Project to Publicly is a project by the well-known makers Mubashar Iqbal and Daniel Kempe. It was built as part of a hackathon in 2017. While the site isn't overly active, it provides you an easy way to submit your project. Let's get your project submitted:

Homepage of Publicly

After signing up using your Twitter login you come to your new timeline. This looks rather empty by default as you don't follow any projects. You can discover projects under "Projects".

Submitting to Publicly

You can get started submitting your project using the button on the dashboard:

After Signup

This leads you to a form with two sections for basic project information and social media handles:

Submit Form #1

Submit Form #2

Directly after submitting the form you will have received a new backlink for your project! All in a few minutes only. If you are on the hunt for more backlinking opportunities check out Owwly,, and YourStack for quick wins.

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