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How to launch on StartupLister

It's time for another newsletter on how to submit your project! This time we are looking at - a site for discovering new startups and side-projects. As you will see, getting listed is very simple and painless. Let's get your project listed on Startuplister:


As on many sites, you will need to register first. Click the register link in the top right corner:

StartupLister Step 1

This is done with basic information only: an email address and a password are enough. It's all done in just one form. Quick and easy:

StartupLister Step 2

Submitting your Startup

Putting your startup in the race is almost as easy as registering. One form with some basic information is enough:

StartupLister Step 3

As you see, you'll need only:

  • the startup/project name

  • the URL to your startup/project

  • a tag-line (maximum 50 characters)

  • and an icon (300x300 pixel or larger)

The Twitter handle is optional.

Please note: You should check your submission before clicking on the 'List it' button. There seems to be no option to edit an entry!

Once again: Done!

Your listing should be on the homepage now:

StartupLister Listing

Don't forget to upvote a few interesting projects once you are there! Indie hackers are always happy to receive support! Talking about support, if you are keen you can support me with a cookie 🍪️

If Google directed you here you should also have a look at the main sites to launch: ProductHunt and Reddit. Both can send a significant amount of traffic your way.

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