How to Develop a Perfect UberEats Clone in the First Shot for Your Food Delivery Business Venture?

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The latest trend nowadays in cities across the world is to order food online and food will be delivered at the doorstep. Two top startups found the need for quick food delivery and developed an asset free model which we now call as the on-demand food delivery. This online ordering trend is now hot even in tier 2 and tier 3 towns.

Aspiring entrepreneurs are looking to cash in on this demand and launch their startups in local areas. The future prospects of online food delivery market is also promising.

Experts predict that the market will register a revenue of $16 billion in 2020 with an annual growth rate of 15%. So, there is no doubt that this is a potential market with huge scope, unlike other on-demand models.


In this blog, I will explain why you need to choose Ubereats clone and how to perfectly build one. If you are a technical guy and going to launch a niche food delivery app, then you will get valuable insights from this.

Is Ubereats clone the right idea?

Ubereats clone solutions are readymade with all necessary features and come with the option of customization. They are not inferior to products built from scratch and match the standards of Ubereats.

If you decided to use Ubereats clone, then you will not regret it. Now we will see the things that matter the most while building your first Ubereats clone. I hope that you are aware of the interfaces in the food app solution, by assuming this I go into the specifics.

Tech stack for a performance-centric app

Paypal, Braintree, and Stripe are standardized payment gateway system and even Ubereats use it. The cost of implementing them is not very high and also it is easy to apply. They are also safe since they use two-way encryption.

The latest available languages and javascript framework is necessary for the Android app and web app development. For iOS it is Swift. Golang, Mongo DB are standard database modules and are apt for future scaling.
Both Hybrid and Native app development has its own pros and cons, i recommend you to go with the one you are good at.

Navigation and tracking are vital for the delivery person app and customer app, there cannot be a better application than the Google Map API.

The base Ubereats script that contains all the features required are available readily with 100% source code.

Finalizing major features

While there are features and functionalities that are default, some features are optional and depend on the place of operation and target users. Unique features can also be found and built so as to be different from the rest.

First, list all the extra features that are required and find technicalities associated with it. Not all of them can be applied without affecting the core of the solution.

I will list down some optional and unique features to give an idea for you.

Single touch wallet integration

It is not necessary to enter all the details of payment every time, instead, the user can add an e-wallet to the app and make payment in a single touch.

Order for friend

Have the option for the user to order for another user in a different location. This is beneficial if a customer is unable to order.

Rewards, referrals, and coupon benefits

People crave offers and discounts; some people even won’t order anything without discounts; referrals and incentives are the best way to attract users into the fold.

UI/UX design to consider

Every feature in the food app solution completely depends on the design and interface. UI/UX can make or break your business. Since the users connect with the service using the mobile app, it is vital to make it feel good with a sense of ease to use.

Navigation and browsing inside the app should be free from hindrances. The overall experience must be smooth and pleasant. From the moment the app is opened till the payment is made, there should be no glitches. Hance, select the apt UX design.

Do a research survey to find the current trend in app design and apply it to the app. One must not overlook the delivery agent app and restaurant panel.

Use the latest design tools to get the maximum benefit.

Final say!

Succeeding in these three points itself assures you half success in building a perfect food app solution using Ubereats script. Also, make sure you select the right script from an experienced vendor.

Use better tools and resources to get the utmost advantage. Test the solution on multiple platforms to ensure it works smoothly. Always keep up with the market trend and don’t neglect the competitors.

Follow the steps sincerely and finally deliver a top-notch Ubereats like food app solution for your startup in the first shot!

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