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spring-boot-plus Everyone can develop projects independently, quickly and efficiently!

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Everyone can develop projects independently, quickly and efficiently!

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spring-boot-plus is a background rapid development framework that integrates spring boot common development components.


Everyone can develop projects independently, quickly and efficiently!

Quick Start





  1. Integrated spring boot common development component set, common configuration, AOP log, etc
  2. Integrated mybatis-plus fast dao operation
  3. Quickly generate background code:entity/param/vo/controller/service/mapper/xml
  4. Integrated swagger2, automatic generation of api documents
  5. Integrated JWT, spring security permission control
  6. Integrated Redis、spring cache、ehcache,etc
  7. Integrated Rabbit/Rocket/Kafka MQ
  8. Integration alibaba druid connection pool, JDBC performance and slow query detection
  9. Integrated Spring Boot Admin, real-time detection of project operation
  10. Integrate maven-assembly-plugin for different environment package deployment, including startup and restart commands, and extract configuration files to external config directory

Project Environment

Middleware Version Remark
JDK 1.8+ JDK1.8 and above
MySQL 5.7+ 5.7 and above
Redis 3.2+

Technology stack

Component Version Remark
Spring Boot 2.1.6.RELEASE Latest release stable version
Spring Framework 5.1.8.RELEASE Latest release stable version
Mybatis 3.5.1 DAO Framework
Mybatis Plus 3.1.1 mybatis Enhanced framework
Alibaba Druid 1.1.17 Data source
Fastjson 1.2.58 JSON processing toolset
swagger2 2.6.1 Api document generation tool
commons-lang3 3.9 Apache language toolkit
commons-io 2.6 Apache IO Toolkit
commons-codec 1.12 Apache Toolkit such as encryption and decryption
commons-collections 3.2.1 Apache collections toolkit
reflections 0.9.11 Reflection Toolkit
hibernate-validator 6.0.17.Final Validator toolkit
jwt 0.9.1 JSON WEB TOKEN
hutool-all 4.5.10 Common toolset


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