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SQL Server 2019 for Data Professionals

A new version of SQL Server data platform had been released by Microsoft for data professionals. If you are running your enterprise applications on SQL Server databases then read this short guide to see what to expect from the most recent SQL Server database platform from Microsoft.

I found the chance of evaluating SQL Server 2019 for its new features and enhancements to existing components by the eyes of different data professional roles. I can easily say the SQL Server 2019 will enable database administrators and SQL developers to enjoy their work on the new database and help them to put forward their existing applications a head of other database users.

SQL Server 2019

Which features of SQL Server 2019 can attract IT professionals?

If I want to summarize in major topics as a list, I can easily say that Microsoft SQL Server 2019 serves:

1) Built-in innovative security and compliance within SQL engine
2) High performance database
3) Mission-critical availability
4) Built-in scaling-out and scaling-up options for Big Data Clusters
5) Data Virtualization technology by Polybase improvements
6) In-database Machine Learning capabilities
7) Intelligent Database

Please watch the SQL Server 2019 database intro at SQL Docs, I am sure you will wait for to try it impatiently.

Feel free to download SQL Server 2019 trial after a short registration on Microsoft site. Then you can install SQL Server 2019 database and other components of this data platform software to try and test its new features and improvements.

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