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Using Twitter as a development tool

I was taking over from a consultant and realized that we had a lot of data that we were collecting, but weren't putting it to good use. I also saw that we had a lot of manual processes that we could eliminate if we uses SSIS properly to grab data.

So I started teaching myself SSRS and SSIS and lo and behold, I had a mountain of data. Now what??

I started my twitter account in 2011( and after learning that #ssrshelp and #ssishelp tags in my tweets led me to some quick solutions I found myself 'talking' to many people who either had similar issues, or had found solutions to something along the lines of what I was looking for.

Fast forward 7 years, and I'm getting to meet some of them, I'm reading the textbooks that a bunch of them are writing, and I'm preparing to speak at a User Group event in January.

Give me a shout on Twitter and I'll introduce you to the 'SQL Family' sometime. For me, finding a group of likeminded, open people, was really refreshing.

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Aaron Kempf

can you give more details on how you used SSIS to pull data off of Twitter?