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Linux Application Summit

sramkrishna profile image Sriram Ramkrishna ・2 min read

One of my passions is to make the Linux platform to be the place to write applications. While the market is small it is growing slowly and continuously as more people switch.

Now you might think that such a goal is fairly high level and maybe hard to achieve. But I have an advantage. I have spent 20+ years being part of GNOME and in that time frame I have built quite a number of relationships. In addition, I do corporate open source as well. My role most of the time is to build open source communities and ecosystems.

Linux Application Summit is a conference that I help conceive about 5 years ago. It started off with just the GNOME project, and last year we added KDE - and now trying to add more partners. The idea is that we start collaborating around the idea of building applications together. By working on apps, talking with each other we can start laying out the foundation around app stores, common toolchains, and supporting each other.

So far, it has been a success with fairly good attendance, that is slowly growing. But the best thing is building that trust between projects.

If building a market for apps, being able to get compensated for it is something you're interested in, you should register for Linux Application Summit. This year, we have two fantastic speakers - Greg Kroah-Hartman Linux Foundation Fellow who maintains stable tree of Linux and Megan Logan, an expert in open source marketing and also found her roots at Linux Foundation.

Check us out

If you have any questions let me know - the year of the desktop gets bandied about but not many people really know what it means to achieve that. I believe I do and I'm working my way towards it.

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