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A batteries included React-TypeScript starter


Everyone starts off working with React using the create-react-app.

But one doesn't need to venture out much to find out that there's a vocal group that finds CRA to be bloated.

But this is justified, since CRA is the entry point for any react developers out there, and by providing an all-tools-included-and-configured, CRA takes away the pain of having to set up (and customise) each of the tools that we would need along the way.

But say you are starting from scratch, and have this knack to set up up everything yourself. I was that person 🤷.

I set out to define all of my config files from scratch, and basically not rely on CRA at all. I will say this: it left with a lot of appreciation for CRA, since only when you try to set up everything yourself do you realise how much of a pain in all the wrong places it can turn out to be.

Anyway, having gone through this ordeal myself and not wanting to repeat myself, I created for anyone that might find a use for it.


What's included:

  • React
  • TypeScript
  • Babel
  • ESlint
  • Editorconfig
  • Webpack
  • Prettier
  • Jest
  • Commitlint

Why commitlint?

Granted, commitlint is probably the only tooling that you might not have heard of in the list above, but it is an excellent tool which forces you to write meaningful commit messages (no more hotfix for that bug) and sets you up to start contributing to OSS libraries.

If you've got anything else that you believe this starter needs, feel free to comment below/fork my repo/send a PR. Cheers!

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