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+20 Best Web Projects Made With Laravel

Today, we are going to list the +20 best PHP projects that were built using Laravel. I have used Laravel to develop my own web apps and found it to be a highly useful and powerful PHP framework.

Modern PHP framework Laravel is used for creating a wide variety of applications because it makes developers' lives easier. It can be used for creating everything from simple landing pages to huge e-commerce platforms.

If you are a developer, you'll know how handy it can be to have someone else's code to look at when working on your own projects. Wouldn't it be nice to have a neat list of the best Laravel websites on the internet? The purpose of this post is to show you exactly that…

Let’s dive into the good project built with Laravel.


Image description Tinkerwell is a code runner for PHP applications. It provides an effective workflow, impressively fast autocompletion capabilities and an excellent user experience. This almost magical tool will allow you to be more productive, iterate faster and save you time.


Image description
Developing custom admin panels is hard but it doesn't have to be! With Backpack, you can start building your admin dashboard in minutes. There's no need to build out an entire backend resource or worry about passing requests through every step of the process, Backpack will handle all of that for you.


Image description
Security? Check. Alerting when your system goes down?
Yep! Cachet is an open source status page system that serves as a hub for all your apps and services. It allows you to set up a beautiful responsive site that contains information about your company and products, and automatically informs users when your systems go down.


Image description
When you want to create a discussion group or have an online community, forum software is an ideal way for you to do so. But what makes Flarum different from other forum softwares out there? For starters, it's modern, simple and easy-to-use.


Image description
MonicaHQ is an open source, personal CRM tool that helps you manage relationships with friends, family, coworkers and other contacts of importance. With one account, you can easily keep track of important dates, conversations and activities while also having access to all your contact's personal details at your fingertips.


Image description
PyroCMS is a PHP framework that makes it easy to create websites using the Laravel PHP framework.
It is open source, which means that the code is available for anyone to use and modify, and it has a built-in localization system that makes it easy to translate websites into multiple languages.
Additionally, PyroCMS includes a variety of features that make it easy to manage and publish content, as well as scaffold components quickly and easily with the help of the command line tools.

Laravel Zero

Image description
What if there were a language that could take care of everything for you? That's exactly what Laravel Zero is. Laravel zeros core functionalities into a clean and simple syntax, enabling developers to construct very complex applications faster than ever before.


Image description
Apiato is an open source Laravel-based platform designed to help you build robust, maintainable and secure API-Centric Apps. The platform takes care of things like user authentication, role-based access control, database abstraction, message queues and database caching.


Image description
Need to manage your customer service operations while keeping costs low? Faveo™ is an affordable help desk solution that gives you all of the tools you need to take care of support tickets fast.

October CMS

Image description
October CMS is a lightweight and flexible open-source content management system built with PHP. It is based on the Laravel framework, which means it comes with all of the useful features that you have come to expect from all Laravel products.


Image description
Koel is a personal music streaming server that allows users to access their entire music library from anywhere. Unlike other music servers, Koel uses newer technologies like WebSockets and IndexedDB to create a more efficient and responsive experience that runs smoothly on modern devices


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If you're a developer with a Laravel application that needs just a bit more eloquent writing experience, then Canvas is for you. It boasts many features such as a role-based permissions system for single publishers or team collaboration, light and dark modes that offer uniquely pleasant color palettes, auto saving your work so you never lose your place or your sanity.
This product also comes with a way to connect your app to outside writers via a weekly digest of trending content.


Image description
Do you lose hours every month trying to manage your invoices, quotes, and payments? FusionInvoice allows you to spend more time doing what you do best - running your business. We have pre-built integrations with PayPal, Stripe and Mollie in order to make accepting online payments as seamless as possible.


Image description
Mageni is an open source project that scans both internal and public assets for vulnerabilities like CRLF injection and others. With the help of Mageni, you can combine its scanning capabilities with other services to make sure your systems are secure.

Stats PH

Image description
Are you interested in finding out how your product is doing on Product Hunt? Stats PH does just that! Stats PH offers monthly data analysis of how many people have voted for your product and when, so you can find the best time to launch it.
It shows your launch's progress in terms of number of votes, comments and average review score.


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Maool is a powerful email tool that makes it easy to create beautiful emails with no coding knowledge required. With its pre-designed templates and powerful editor, you can customize your email from scratch or use a template that matches your marketing needs.

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