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AWS Lambda, The CLI Way (cookbook)

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AWS Lambda using CLI, an introductory cookbook

AWS Lambda the CLI Way

The objective of this tutorial is to understand AWS Lambda in-depth, beyond executing functions, using CLI This tutorial walks through setting up AWS CLI, dependencies for AWS Lambda, getting your first Lambda function running many of its important features & finally integrating with other AWS services. AWS CLI (Command Line Interface) will be the primary medium of demonstrating all these examples.

Target Audience

Target audience for this tutorial series are developers comfortable using AWS CLI A little background understanding of serverless will help.

Note : The tutorial will not discuss examples using the AWS website UI (or) with AWS SDK.


  1. Serverless Introduction
  2. Prerequisites and Setup
  3. IAM Account For Tutorial
  4. Hello World - Your First Lambda
  5. View Lambda Logs
  6. Packaging With Dependencies
  7. Lambda Layers
  8. Version Lambda
  9. Managing Lambda
  10. Integrate with S3
  11. Integrate with Kinesis
  12. Integrate with DynamoDB
  13. Integrate with APIGateway
  14. SAM CLI
  15. Tear down


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