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This article will help you to understand 😎 the whole process of how internet works and all the terms related to it.

What is the Internet📶?

We must first define 🌐 "network" before discussing what the Internet is. A network is a collection of linked computers that may communicate with one another via data transmission. A social circle is a group of people who all know one another, routinely communicate information, and collaborate on activities. A computer network is quite similar to a social circle.

The Internet is a massive, expansive system of interconnected networks. In fact, one could argue that the idea of interconnected networks is where the phrase "Internet" originated.

What is a data centre ?

At its simplest, a data centre is a physical facility that organisations use to house their critical applications and data. A data center's design is based on a network of computing and storage resources that enable the delivery of shared applications and data. The key components of a data center design include routers, switches, firewalls, storage systems, servers, and application-delivery controllers.

Content that we have visited is stored in a data center that may be thousands of miles away from us.

data centre

How does this data reach our mobile 📱or laptop👩‍💻 ?

  1. One method is to use a satellite📡, however this is ineffective because the signal must first travel over miles to the satellite 📡before it can be transmitted to the devices, delaying signal quality.

data to laptop

2.Therefore, the complex optical fiber network that connects the data centre and our gadget is the most effective route for a signal to be sent and received.
Although you might be able to use wifi 📶 or mobile data to access the internet, these methods eventually connect to the network of optical fiber connections.

In a data centre , a solid state drive called an SSD is used to store the browsed material.

This SSD 💽 has access to the server's internal memory.
Simply described, a server is a powerful computer whose responsibility it is to deliver video upon request.


Let's examine how to transfer data from a data centre to a certain mobile device or laptop👩‍💻.

Image description

Before continuing, let's understand the idea of an IP address.

Every internet-connected equipment, including servers, mobile phones, and laptops, is uniquely recognised by a string of numbers called an IP address.
IP addresses are comparable to home addresses, which are used to identify your phone specifically.
Similar to this, an IP address serves as the shipping address for all information in the world of the internet.
Your device's IP address will be chosen by your ISP, or internet service provider.
We can visit any website by only knowing the server's IP address because the server in the data center also has an IP address and saves websites.

Image description
Domain names correspond to IP addresses, which are easier to remember than strings of numbers even though it is difficult to remember all IP addresses.

We use domain names rather than complicated IP address numbers to access the internet, but where does the internet acquire the IP address that corresponds to the domain name request?

The internet employs a massive phonebook called **DNS **for this.

It serves as the Internet's phone book. Domain names like or the newyork are used by people to access information online. Through Internet Protocol (IP) addresses, web browsers may communicate. In order for browsers to load Internet resources, DNS converts domain names to IP addresses.


Let's go down the entire procedure step by step

  1. Enter domain name in the browser example - , etc
  2. Browser sends request to DNS server to get the corresponding IP address.
  3. Then browser sends requests to the relevant server's data center.
  4. Using optical fiber connection, data flow begins from the corresponding server in digital format.
  5. The primary means of connecting the entire planet to the internet is an optical fiber cable that is laid across mountains and beneath the sea, which travel a great distance before arriving at a place

i) These wires have been extended to the doorstep and are attached to the router there. The router converts these optical signals to electrical signals, which are then transmitted via ethernet connection to our laptop👩‍💻.

ii) If you use cellular data for internet access, a signal
from an optical fiber cable must be transferred to a cell
tower, and the signal from the cell tower travels to your
phone as an electromagnetic wave.

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